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'Peace in the city' follows the philosophy and objectives of the new European legislation concerning the management and security of personal data of European citizens.

In essence, this new regulation aims to protect Europeans against the misuse of collected digital personal data and analyzes. The legislation seeks to give Europeans control over its digital collected, analyzed and stored data.

With this special webpage we wish to inform you about our GDPR policy and cookie use at this specific informative website.

Cookie policy.

Our website uses 'Google analytics' and 'Google tag manager' for collecting visitor data. Below you can read which specific cookies are used specifically.

Functional cookies are necessary for our Website to function properly. The information in question does not record specific data of the individual user, but is necessary for a useful use of the Website.

Analytical cookies enable us to learn more about how you as a visitor interact with and how you respond to the content of our Website. In this way we can design our Website even better. The information in question does not record specific data of the individual user, but is used to create and analyze web statistics at the aggregate level.

We make from 'Google analytics':

Google Analytics uses cookies to help us analyze how you use our Website as a visitor. Also see: More info here



Whoever gives questions about his personal data in possession of 'Peace in the city' can always send an e-mail to info@peaceinthecity.be

We are happy to help you and attach great importance to the security of your personal data.

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